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    Gel pack: Plastica ice packs have a modern design and they are made of non-toxic materials which respect human health and the environment. The raw materials used and the high-tech production, make ice packs of high quality and ergonomics to meet the stringent quality standards. The products are certified with ISO 9001 και ΕΝ ISO 12546-3:2000 EBETAM.MIRTEC κ DIMOKRITOS.

    Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) boxes are used for protective and isothermal packaging fish, meat, food, fruits, ice cream, pharmaceutical and medical materials, and other applications. Generally, they can be used for any use of packaging you can imagine

    The boxes are of high strength, in order to facilitate stacking and palletizing. Also, they have a particularly low thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) to prevent thermal shocks during the transport of products even at large distances.

    The Company packs its products in special Polystyrene boxes suitable for food, and It also uses special plastic films to separate the fish from the ice. The suppliers are required to have certificates of suitability for their food packaging materials as well as the appropriate certificates that must be renewed on an annual basis. In case Medfresh cooperates with another supplier or new packaging materials then the previous procedure must be followed again.


    Polyethylene Bag: PE bags have many advantages such as strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, etc. Also, they are a moisture barrier and they are designed to be food grade suitable.


Seafood is a perishable food.

The moment it is harvested, its quality, is at its highest. Medfresh is aware of this and takes measures to maintain this quality, by storing the seafood on ice, freezing it, or keeping it alive. All our products are extremely fresh and high quality, caught in the right way from our suppliers, preserved according to the safest conditions and perfectly packaged, reach their destination with the guarantee of MedFresh. We declare that we follow an integrated food safety management system, ISO 22000:2018, as specified by HACCP rules and regulations, in order to receive, control, repack and arrange shipments to our customers around the world for both fresh and frozen seafood.  We would like to mention that our food safety management system is based on the report of an external audit and certification body, called SWISS APPROVAL TECHNISCHE BEWERTUNG S.A.  We also have all the necessary certifications from our suppliers and proof of compliance with HACCP as specified by 21 C.F.R. Part 123, regarding their products. Also, we are able to guarantee that all of our products that have been repacked in our facilities will meet your expectations and in any case, they will not be adulterated within the meaning of section 402 of the FDC Act.

MEDFRESH has set the expectations for the products high from the first moment of its operation.

We have created a reliable network of suppliers who are willing to provide us with their best products on a daily catch basis. At the same time, we take care of the transport chain having tested the abilities and the methods of our partners many times. In terms of normality and good weather conditions, we always achieve what we promise.

The stable marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea and sea temperature provide a nourishing environment for life in the deep sea to flourish while assuring a balanced aquatic ecosystem excluded from any external deep oceanic factors. It is estimated that there are more than 17,000 marine species in the Mediterranean Sea with generally higher marine biodiversity in coastal areas, continental shelves, and decreases with depth.